מרכז אימון מונטיסורי

מרכז אימון מונטיסורי

Kedma Montessori training center

"Language of gold"

Within just 10 sessions, children learn how to read Hebrew.

A training program for reading and writing acquisition, based on the Jewish Montessori approach to learning Hebrew letters and vowels.

Empowering educators to teach Hebrew reading and writing with exceptional results worldwide.

Imagine this: You're in a classroom or kindergarten, surrounded by eager young minds. With our revolutionary teaching program, you witness children blossom into confident readers in just 10 sessions.
Our curriculum empowers children to construct a solid cognitive framework, fostering a deep connection to purpose. Engrossed in captivating stories, they embark on an immersive learning journey, delving into the fascinating realm of letters and sounds. Witness the transformation as they effortlessly grasp the intricacies of Hebrew reading, unlocking a world of boundless possibilities.

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What does the training include?



Introducing Montessori tools focusing on the Hebrew language and preparing the brain for reading.



How to learn Hebrew letters and vowels and effectively acquire reading skills.

⇐ A structured and straightforward model, based on research, designed for fostering deep understanding, memory retention, and easy retrieval among children.

⇐ Suitable for various age groups, from preschool (age 3) to school age (until age 9), aimed at letter recognition and fostering Hebrew reading acquisition.

⇐ The model is implemented comprehensively, following a Jewish Montessori approach from A to Z.

⇐ It provides a platform for teaching reading and writing in Hebrew, particularly beneficial for educators seeking an easy and effective teaching method integrated with play.

⇐ The model is inclusive, catering to all children, including those who are gifted, diagnosed with learning differences, anxious, or have other learning needs.

⇐ Successfully implemented in kindergartens and schools across Israel and internationally.

some learning moments we captured

what do you get?

12 hours of training

In your classroom environment, whether in kindergarten or at school, a full carriculum to follow will be given. Let them guide you. Engage actively in the process!

Files ready for work in the field

Lesson plans, tracking forms and reading worksheets files

15% discount on Montessori study aids

Our kit includes a comprehensive language package, featuring printed and cut teaching cards made of 350g matte double-sided paper. The kit covers letter learning from the basics to reading proficiency. It also contains games and exercises, such as bowls in a bottle and monitoring tools. Additionally, we provide an English/Hebrew letter learning book.

“The Goal of early childhood education should be to activate a child’s own natural desire to learn” 
dr. Maria montessori

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Who is the training intended for?


For those who choose education as a mission.

For those who wants to influence the life paths of children, parents, and educational teams. For those who want to learn the wonders of Montessori education, in practical spoken language that is connected to the Holy Language, to our story, to the experience of simplicity and enjoyment in learning, and to the children themselves.


For schools, kindergartens, educators, and professionals in childcare seeking practical tools for Hebrew reading and writing acquisition.

Primarily a personal training process for educators to become mentors for children, integrated into the teacher training programs in Israel and around the world.


For those who have already learned so much, yet feel as if "something" is missing—thIS IS THE missing piece.

An organized Hebrew language program in the Montessori approach, grounded in research and scientific principles, precisely tailored to Israel or any global context. It offers simplicity, efficiency, and a hands-on approach, with materials translated into Hebrew, providing order and effectiveness. In just 10 sessions, children from preschool to school age can learn to read and write effectively.


For those who aim to teach children the joy of reading in just 10 sessions, using tangible, engaging methods.

Immersed in experiences and hands-on applications, our program offers unique tools and original exercises. It seeks simple, practical implementation or an excellent extension of Kedma within Jewish Montessori education. These materials have been proven and tested, accompanied by professional guidance from educators with over a decade of experience.

Their story WITH KEDMA

A selection of graduates from the Montessori Training Center

To cultivate the seeds of life in children, fostering intellectual, emotional, and physical growth, and to inspire them to their core through play.

Shalom Aleichem,

Lizet Lagaziel Katz, founder of Kedma, a Montessori center for educators and children, is an education entrepreneur, lawyer, writer, lecturer, certified Montessori instructor, and pedagogical consultant. She CREATES educational programs for schools and kindergartens, guiding managers, teachers, parents, and children in the Jewish Montessori approach—purposeful, practical, and deeply meaningful.

Married to Yuval and a mother to Ido, Noa, and Dana—my greatest teachers and loves of my life.

True training lies in our relationships with people and the world, especially in the stories within us that led us to choose education.
As a girl with learning disabilities, attention disorders, and numerous voices in my head, I knew that  with my children I had a strong desire for their education to be different.

Montessori education, with its ingenious, simple, and beautiful presentation, is grounded in sensitivity to children. It’s a scientifically proven pedagogy that encourages independence, choice, and life skills, allowing children to realize their maximum potential intellectually, emotionally, and personally.

My deep admiration for Montessori education lies in its exact adaptation to Jewish educational principles and its physical application, aligning with the teachings of our past.

In my routine, I dive into eternal learning, educating myself on Hassidism, Taniya, brain research, children’s psychology, and the broad spectrum of Montessori education.

I have great faith in their talents and admire their wonderful minds, each unique and special. I get excited every day to create, initiate, establish, and develop with them, all while playing.

Kedma, I create small worlds for big people.

The Kedma Center is a pioneering institution in Israel, offering Montessori training studies, values, and high consciousness for children from early childhood through school. Our unique courses focus on creative thinking, cognitive development, and Jewish-specific Montessori training. Through these programs, parents and children explore, connect, and discover their hidden strengths, promoting the realization of their maximum potential in both mind and heart, all within a playful environment.

Kedma’s educational philosophy merges ancient wisdom with modern understanding, fostering curiosity, joy, and a treasure trove of abilities within each child. Our aim is to empower children with self-belief, inner understanding, and a sense of value, building a solid foundation that has existed since ancient times. 

In practice, the center serves as a guidance and training hub for advanced education, catering to parents, children, educational teams, public schools, kindergartens, and individuals interested in progressive education worldwide.

Kedma establishes legal, logistical, and pedagogical frameworks, influencing the consciousness of learning environments in Israel and globally. We impact educators directly, as well as those who feel a calling towards education, emphasizing the importance and joy of educational work. Our approach begins with healing, learning, and self-education, culminating in personal development and a meaningful life.

We provide nurturing education that fosters awareness, values, and cognitive flexibility, equipping children with life skills and native language proficiency. Our aim is to help them explore their inner power and think like individuals who can change the world.

With over a decade of experience, the center specializes in establishing, developing, implementing, and operating Montessori spaces. Our team, consisting of pioneering educators deeply committed to the craft, collaborates closely to ensure excellence in every aspect.


“The true preparation required in approaching education is self-preparation. Training a guide who nurtures life demands more than just studying ideas; it necessitates work on one’s personality and the cultivation of one’s spirit.”

Dr. Maria Montessori

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With you, whether in your classroom, private space, kindergarten, or school, as well as in the teachers’ room or any other location you prefer.

In June 2024, training sessions for educational teams and children will be held in the USA.

In August 2024, training sessions for educational teams and children will be held in Thailand (Copenhagen, Koh Samui).

The training is built upon a unique model for teaching Hebrew language using a Jewish Montessori approach. This model was translated from English to Hebrew through advanced development, enabling quick absorption and easy and enjoyable reading acquisition. I provide full guidance in a structured manner that is easily applicable in any classroom setting.

The materials and practices have been extensively tested and proven successful in various kindergartens and schools in Israel and worldwide, using professional tools.

Customized for your classroom or private space, according to the number of hours and the training required for you

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